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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions:

What type of insurance do you handle?

We sell health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, short term disability and long term disability insurance.

Which insurance companies do you represent?

We are independent agents and we recommend all major insurance companies.  We deal with “A” rated companies only.  BCBS of NC, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and many more.

How many employees are needed to qualify for group insurance? 

Depending on the demographics of the employer, we can write a one (1) person group with BCBS and a two (2) person group with United Healthcare, as long as the two employees aren’t related.

When is the best time for a company to change insurance plans?

The best time for an employer to change their group health insurance plan is at their renewal date.  If the employer currently doesn’t have health insurance, we can start a group policy at any time throughout the year.  Employers not happy with their current agent/broker can complete an “agent of record letter” switching agents at any time, while maintaining their inforce plans.

Will you help our employees understand all the options? 

We pride ourselves in our customer service. The “key” to a health insurance plan is understanding how the policy works.  We like to make sure the employees understand their health insurance policy in order for them to receive a return on their investment.  Having employee meetings or meeting with them one on one, is how we ensure this happens.

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